Topics in Structural Brain Research


Image Registration

Integration of functional and structural modalities is essential to functional brain mapping. This paper presents an automatic co-registration system for aligning the coordinate systems between magnetoencephalography / electroencephalography (MEG/EEG) and magnetic resonance image (MRI) using multiple off-the-shelf RGBD cameras.

Brain Morphometrics

Although patients with bipolar I and II disorders exhibit heterogeneous clinical presentations and cognitive functions, it remains unclear whether these two subtypes have distinct neural substrates. This study aimed to differentiate the fiber abnormalities between bipolar I and II patients using diffusion tensor images.

Brain Extraction

Brain extraction from head magnetic resonance (MR) images is a classification problem of segmenting image volumes into brain and non-brain regions. It is a difficult task due to the convoluted brain surface and the inapparent brain/non-brain boundaries in images.


Construction of Taiwanese Brain Template

A brain template is used for spatial normalization of each individual brain MRI to a standard stereotaxic space. The Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) has created a brain template which was generated from 305 MRI volumes of normal European subjects.