Topics in Computer Vision


Deep Learning

This paper reports a novel deep architecture referred to as Maxout network In Network (MIN), which can enhance model discriminability and facilitate the process of information abstraction within the receptive field. The proposed network adopts the framework of the recently developed Network In Network structure.

Automated Virtual Studio

Virtual studios are widely used for television programs or movies. However, in the traditional virtual studio, a director is necessary to control the switcher when using typical program director systems and these systems are mostly based on the bluescreen technology.

Object Model Reconstruction

In the computer vision and reverse engineering field, accurate reconstruction of 3D models is an essential topic. In this study, we developed a system for whole 3D object model reconstruction and texture mapping by using Microsoft Kinect for Windows.

Vehicle Around View System

Nowadays, more and more automobile electronics appears since people attach great importance to safety issue. For example, collision avoidance, parking sensor, blind spot monitor. Those devices provide intuitive image information to driver and let driver to see the view around his vehicle.

Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance systems had been widely used in modern society. But almost of them can not provide spatial perception for the security personnel. For instance, it is not easy for the security personnel to track people who walk from one monitor to another if he is not well trained.