The Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory aims at the development of pioneer algorithms and technologies for extracting significant information from biomedical and physiological signals. We currently focus on brain research projects in which we investigate advanced techniques of biomedical signal and image processing to learn about the brain. Learning from the brain by studying the mechanism of neuronal information processing helps to create new computing methodologies for better understanding the brain.

Our major goals include:

Developing medical image processing techniques for manipulating, morphologically measuring, statistically inferring, and visualizing brain structures of normal subjects and patients

Developing signal processing and electromagnetic mapping technologies for functional imaging of human brains

Constructing brain-computer interface systems for advancing human learning and communication

We have closely collaborations with researchers at the Laboratory for Integrated Brain Research at Taipei Veterans General Hospital , Research Center for Integrative Neuroimaging and Neuroinformatics at National Yang-Ming University , and Brain Research Center at National Chiao Tung University .

The Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory is affiliated to the Department of Computer Science at National Chiao Tung University . For more information please contact the lab director, Dr. Yong-Sheng Chen (Tel : +886-3-5131316).

Contact Information:

Location : Room 546, Engineering Building III, National Chiao Tung University, 1001 Ta-Hsueh Road, HsinChu, Taiwan

Tel : +886-3-5712121 ext.54754

E-mail : yschen@cs.nctu.edu.tw